Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Sister...

How is the Sisterhood formed? It is an interesting and complex process.. one which has and will continue to necessitate important formal measures and a great deal of common sense.
Many of you may have seen the plea on Facebook, or the add placed on Craigs list about our need for another roommate. The add read something about five women, a dog and two rats, (now adding a turtle...), all wanting one more roommate. Here is the replies I have gotten in the past few weeks:

1. Joy- a woman who is moving from London to be a Doctor. (why is her English terrible?)
2. Another woman moving from Mexico.. she wants to be a fashion designer..
3. Steve.. military guy..
4. Nick... mechanic and married??
5. Another woman.. fashion designer with REALLY bad English.. guess she doesn't smoke..
6. Rock Woman.. has a pit bull.. guess he's nice, but the picture just looked ugly.
7. High school student from Kansas.. misses AK...
8. Rob.. another mechanic? I am starting to see a theme.
9. Another fashion designer... also a model? Why Alaska?... I don't know.
10. Bob... DuDE!! Its a house full of women... seriously!!? Do you know what you are asking for?

The final conclusion being that we still have an open room, so if anyone wants to come and stay for the night.. we have a bed all made up!
Some times its worth it to keep things the way they are for a while.
Goodnight. S.C.