Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sista K. is chaining.. and making shells. With a bundle of "Aunt Fang" Yarn while I must sit and do my "homework" on the 6th floor of the Universities Library. How does this happen I wonder. She, my dear sister, sits enjoying her tea, crocheting a lovely hat while I painfully begin working on another semester of school. Making shells seems much more feminine and lovely.
Maybe I should reconsider the path of the successful career. Is it really worth the fuss?

Shells and Chains, Chains and Shells
A wonderful world it should be.
Little fluffs of winding yarn,
passed down from toothy lady.

Maybe, just maybe I will slip away.
NEVER more this work I say!
Hole me up in the woods.
Joy in such simple things.

Alas I go, again to filth
the mind afront with dying time.
The books the air chills me so.
A sister smiles and chains again.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moosing around

Upon walking across the yard this evening my eyes beheld a strange sight. A horse!
There it was in the middle of our driveway. I squinted my eyes. It looked up at me, then turned its head...It was not a horse. It was a moose!
The moment my concious recognized the shape, my faithful friend also realized our potential danger. Bold, Beautiful and Brave, our dear dog sped down the path. Barking and growling she charged the lanky moose.
The moose turned again, dropped its head and in turn, charged the speeding black dog! They collided and Dear Alli tumbled underneath the stomping legs of the moose. In the same instance I beheld another large form emerging from the woods. ANOTHER MOOSE! This one too joined in the attack on the small dark form which had managed to slip under the thundering hooves and into the ditch. The moose followed her fearful body into the woods as I began to call her back to me again.
Then there was stillness.
My maternal heart was beating more rapidly, until breaking through the underbrush I saw our heroine bursting into the yard and running to me.
Upon inspection D.A. seems to be physically sound, though her soul has been wounded and is now in recovery. Your sentiments are welcome.
Sister C.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year

One post right after the other. It's almost too much! But I know that all of us Abbey girls are going to look back at upon this blog with such appreciation that I cannot hold back my entry! Not when the Abbey needs me!

Besides, I have been waiting for this moment. Today is the fifth day of the new year. This is the moment where all I've learned from the past year comes flooding back. The picture organizing may have had a great deal to do with this. And not to mention my half-asleep brain which causes my mind to wander...

Ah-hem! Back to the fact of the matter...

Recently I have been...
1. Thinking of all my friends.*
2. Appreciating all of my friends.*

*Literally all.
Each of us has come a long way in the last 6 months since I got back. And all of it is due to ME and ME being back home and changing everyone's lives for the GOOD!

Just kidding. Actually I was thinking of how each one of us has come a long way in the sorts of growing up some more. Like how God teaches us Truth and we become mature so we can withstand anything. And I was thinking of how all my friends have really helped to establish Truth in my life. Like little seeds that have come to bloom in their own time. It's great! I am really thankful for all the good influences in my life!

Gracias Everybody!
Happy New Year!

Sistah K.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Abbey Jokes

S.K "why do women typically have smaller feet than men?"

S.C. "I don't know."

S.K. "So they can stand closer to the stove."

S.C. "What did one Nun say to the other Nun?"

S.K. "I dont know.. what?"

S.C. "Nunthing!"

S.K. "here are some yummy apple peals..."

S.C. "oh thank you!!"

a minute later... "OH!!! my... sour!!!"
"sistah K... was there some lemon in here!!???"

S.K.. "Oh, yeah there was..." snicker.. snicker from the kitchen tonight...

The "WOOOOO Chamber"

Every home... every Abbey for that matter has various rooms with all of their various functions.
There is the "Annex" which historically has been a cold and lonely room with stacks of sea shells and ski's. The "Shack" is secretly a lovely yellow cabin nestled in the snow.. and sistah K's room.
The "Office" is the sunny room with 70's flooring, computers and craft supplies filling the corners. The "Robin-Egg-Blue" room has served as a lovely bedroom for two of our sisters... the "Plum" room is Sister E's chamber, the "Chilly Tan" room is currently open and occasionally occupied by the returning and leaving sister K.S. Of course there is a kitchen, the "loo", the "sauna" (living room.) and now there is the "Woooo room". Sistah K and I decided that it needed a room.. all the Woooo type activities that often take place there helped to decide the new Abbey room name.
Sister C.