Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wood Guy or Opera Singer?

Monday at 8:00am the phone rings loudly in my bedroom.
Its a strange number and a strange voice is on the other line.
"I got your number from Nick and I am bringing wood on Friday."
The man is straight to the point, as I try to put some fuzzy pieces together.
"OH!" I remember our need for wood, my message to our "wood guy" Nick... and his awaiting reply.
I make the man on the other end explain himself as he does I calm down and realize I am not being pushed off or scammed and make a scheduled appointment for Tuesday afternoon.
Then the ice breaks while I give directions to our house...
"You live next to the Church!!!???" He say's excitedly.
"Well.. you will have to come hear me sing. I sing Opera."
My impression of the man on the other end continues to shift and puzzles me slightly.
"Or I am singing at the concert hall this coming Sat. you should come to that as well!"
The possibility of an audience seemed to make his day, and I didn't have the heart to tell him my impression of opera.
We hung up, both feeling better about the morning.
Tuesday around 3:00ish.
S.K. is home. I am at work.
Mr. Groves comes with the wood.
From what I am told he was as jovial out side dropping off wood as he was on the phone.
Again, he had to inform our dear sister of his opera skills.
Only this time, as the wood cascaded out of his truck he began to sing through the still frosty air!
S.K. of course listened politely, paid him what was due and returned into our home.
The wood is dry, cut to length and piled outside my door. It has been the most melodious wood delivery the Abbey has to experience yet! Stay tuned for other wood hauling/chopping adventures!

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