Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fireside Chat

What I love about The Abbey, besides what sister C previously mentioned in the introduction is simply our Saturday evenings sitting together by the fire while jazz streams from the stereo and one may or may not be sipping Merlot.

Women we are, each independent and sassy, yet loving and carefree enough to appreciate each other's own uniqueness. For example, it's not everyday that I come home from work to find a moose head being chisled out by Sister KD and being asked if i want to see the poor animal's spinal cord. And then my sister goes and sniff's the moose face!

Or there are the mornings I wake up to the singing from Sister C as she sings to Jesus from the floor below. I love these dawning days, as they afford me a moment to smile and remember who my first love is too.

Sister M spins her own mystery to us all as she comes home from a day of traditional work in town, but also shares her finds after visiting the local transfer site and shows off the latest addition for our kitchen. I love to see her enthusiasm illuminating from her while she tells the story behind the 'find.' As my mom says when looking for the right antique to add, "it's all in the hunt."

While most of our own families lives Outside, we are own family here at The Abbey. How there is nothing better than coming home to a warm house and being greeted by the women you have grown to love, who also accept you for who you are and not caring about all those other things women get caught up in. We don't do drama, and I love it.

Conversations while eating the cookie dough out of the ice cream carton and musing over the week's events create tender memories that make our Abbey it's own place.

How our lives are varied and set in different stages, Sister K left her job today and looks forward to the next adventure that awaits. She easily smiles and is often found baking bread in the bread machine, that yes, was located at our friendly transfer site.

Our newest member, Sister EW is new to the group, but we are enjoying her here when she is here....the girl left us to spend time with her own sister from down South and we look forward to her return later in this frigid North.

Of course I could go on, yet i must go now for i am meeting a deadline set by Sister C. Sister C is not as nocturnal as I and wants to read this latest post before becoming a pumpkin, and with this is say, "Good night for now."

Sister E

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