Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Threading. And I mean it.

I have been threading today. And I don't mean the online chat threads. I am talking about good ol' fashioned hair removal using sewing thread!
Step 1: Take about 12 inches of thread and tie the two ends together, forming a circle.
Step 2: Hold the thread like you're about to do a cat's cradle and twist it about eight times. (The twists should appear in the middle.)
Step 3: Put thread right up against skin where you wish there was no hair. Use fingers to move the twists along the strand. As they move you should see them pluck out the hairs!
It is cat's cradle for the face! Now, this may sound easy, but believe me, I gave up after the fifth hair was plucked and went in search of my tweezers. The ladies on youtube made it look so easy! If you are intersted in trying it yourself, check out this link...
Love ya'll!
Sistah K

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