Saturday, November 14, 2009


Here is a blog for the previous, current, future sisters and supporters of The Abbey. We are a community of young women living life together for the purpose of honoring God,conversing in the kitchen, salvaging reusable items, loving others, laughing and various other tasks.

The Abbey had its official beginnings in the Fall of 2006 when Sister C purchased the home from an adorable old couple of sourdoughs who had collected the remnants of an entire town. There were various buildings, rooms full of "treasures" old relics, only valuable to the previous inhabitants. After many long hours of cleaning Sister C was joined by a small, yet growing family.
That winter a son was born in the Abbey.

The following Summer Sister C. was joined first by S.K.(s), then another sister.. then another.. and another. The Abbey budded from one young woman to five in a matter of months and has more or less maintained that occupancy. There have been ten women in and out of the Abbey.. not mentioning our animal friends, Alli, Lulu and Nuwt.
There have been Building Burnings, Bonfires, Bible Studies, Bonding moments, Boys, Babies and no Burgles. We have two neighbors, both men.. one celibate and one not so celibate and a dog named Maggie. We chop wood, haul water and bake our own bread.
The Abbey is a place of rest, candle light, peace, laughter, romance, singing, dancing, work, study, contemplation, conversation, growth, life, tears, hugs, talking... lots of talking, transition, dreaming, hoping (that the roof won't leak again...) and so much more.
Enjoy our blog as we continue to share our moments with each other.
Sister C.
(aka mother superior)

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