Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Abbey Version of LOST

I have, in the days preceding Thanksgiving, become addicted to the TV show LOST. The characters consist of airline passengers whose plane crashes on an unknown island a 1000 miles from their original flight path. During the days, weeks, and months following the crash, the passengers undergo various trials and tribulations that develop their friendships and characters. The director helps to build suspense in the storyline by creating flashbacks from the characters' pasts that help us as bystanders to understand yet another piece of the mystery.

I realized tonight, as I conversed with Sister C and Sister K, that our lives in Fairbanks--and perhaps lives in general--were very much like my favorite TV show. We were all together in this life, forming and growing with one another, as we learned how to overcome the difficulties we faced on a daily bases. As I learn more about the girls I live with, my Sisters, the closer we become and the more I realize that in Alaska we are all connected through someone in some way. Small world.

Yes, perhaps we were not on an island being chased by "the Others" and trying to survive through yet another night, but sometimes a person can come home, or even wake up, feeling like a battle had been fought.

Whether it was won or lost is another story.

I was glad that, though we will not always all be here together, that God gives us moments with friends where we can laugh and cry, vent and sing, and rejoice that each day brings us a little closer to the bigger picture.

--Sister M

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