Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year

One post right after the other. It's almost too much! But I know that all of us Abbey girls are going to look back at upon this blog with such appreciation that I cannot hold back my entry! Not when the Abbey needs me!

Besides, I have been waiting for this moment. Today is the fifth day of the new year. This is the moment where all I've learned from the past year comes flooding back. The picture organizing may have had a great deal to do with this. And not to mention my half-asleep brain which causes my mind to wander...

Ah-hem! Back to the fact of the matter...

Recently I have been...
1. Thinking of all my friends.*
2. Appreciating all of my friends.*

*Literally all.
Each of us has come a long way in the last 6 months since I got back. And all of it is due to ME and ME being back home and changing everyone's lives for the GOOD!

Just kidding. Actually I was thinking of how each one of us has come a long way in the sorts of growing up some more. Like how God teaches us Truth and we become mature so we can withstand anything. And I was thinking of how all my friends have really helped to establish Truth in my life. Like little seeds that have come to bloom in their own time. It's great! I am really thankful for all the good influences in my life!

Gracias Everybody!
Happy New Year!

Sistah K.

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  1. Sistah K.....YOU are amazing and I love you! So glad your home!