Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moosing around

Upon walking across the yard this evening my eyes beheld a strange sight. A horse!
There it was in the middle of our driveway. I squinted my eyes. It looked up at me, then turned its head...It was not a horse. It was a moose!
The moment my concious recognized the shape, my faithful friend also realized our potential danger. Bold, Beautiful and Brave, our dear dog sped down the path. Barking and growling she charged the lanky moose.
The moose turned again, dropped its head and in turn, charged the speeding black dog! They collided and Dear Alli tumbled underneath the stomping legs of the moose. In the same instance I beheld another large form emerging from the woods. ANOTHER MOOSE! This one too joined in the attack on the small dark form which had managed to slip under the thundering hooves and into the ditch. The moose followed her fearful body into the woods as I began to call her back to me again.
Then there was stillness.
My maternal heart was beating more rapidly, until breaking through the underbrush I saw our heroine bursting into the yard and running to me.
Upon inspection D.A. seems to be physically sound, though her soul has been wounded and is now in recovery. Your sentiments are welcome.
Sister C.

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