Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sista K. is chaining.. and making shells. With a bundle of "Aunt Fang" Yarn while I must sit and do my "homework" on the 6th floor of the Universities Library. How does this happen I wonder. She, my dear sister, sits enjoying her tea, crocheting a lovely hat while I painfully begin working on another semester of school. Making shells seems much more feminine and lovely.
Maybe I should reconsider the path of the successful career. Is it really worth the fuss?

Shells and Chains, Chains and Shells
A wonderful world it should be.
Little fluffs of winding yarn,
passed down from toothy lady.

Maybe, just maybe I will slip away.
NEVER more this work I say!
Hole me up in the woods.
Joy in such simple things.

Alas I go, again to filth
the mind afront with dying time.
The books the air chills me so.
A sister smiles and chains again.


1 comment:

  1. Sister C:

    You can do it, you said so yourself last night..the question is then, do you want it? Really want it?

    I believe of course you want it, for if you did not, there would be no Abbey, nor sisters, and of course, our dear sister Allie.

    Your abbey sisters love you. Go forth and study on!

    Sister E