Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The "WOOOOO Chamber"

Every home... every Abbey for that matter has various rooms with all of their various functions.
There is the "Annex" which historically has been a cold and lonely room with stacks of sea shells and ski's. The "Shack" is secretly a lovely yellow cabin nestled in the snow.. and sistah K's room.
The "Office" is the sunny room with 70's flooring, computers and craft supplies filling the corners. The "Robin-Egg-Blue" room has served as a lovely bedroom for two of our sisters... the "Plum" room is Sister E's chamber, the "Chilly Tan" room is currently open and occasionally occupied by the returning and leaving sister K.S. Of course there is a kitchen, the "loo", the "sauna" (living room.) and now there is the "Woooo room". Sistah K and I decided that it needed a room.. all the Woooo type activities that often take place there helped to decide the new Abbey room name.
Sister C.

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